I can make it on my own ;)

As I've mentioned in my previous post, when it comes to handmade gifts, I make them very often and I don't expect some sort of immense gratitude. It is what it is :) And I don't ask people to take photos while wearing/using something I've made. That's almost a rule for me.

So when I designed and knitted No Trouble Mesh Set for my sister in law Dana, I was very careful about asking for a photo. I explained how I want to take my blog more seriously since I have time right now, how I liked the way the whole thing turned out and if she would be so kind to take a few pictures once she tries it on, no big deal. And she was thrilled to help me, so I was too and I prepared it all. The photos I took were there just in case. When I published the pattern, I was hoping to get her photos in a day or two and add them to the post.

It took a bit longer, though. In the meanwhile I got curious, then bored and eventually started asking all sorts of silly questions. Even if the tunic somehow didn't fit or looked good on her, I didn't see what could be wrong with the scarf? Is it so that just because this one time I didn't actually buy the yarn it doesn't count as a gift? That the time I took designing, knitting, seaming and washing something is not worth the trouble of taking two photos on someones phone? If this was a big and successful blog, this would have been plainly embarrassing :)

On the upside, when I complained to Dean about his sister, he just said: "Who cares?! Why do you even need her photos?" And as usual, he was right. After all, he has seen all the things I've made these few years in Innsbruck.

We went through my stash together and found a perfect yarn to make a brand new set for little ol' me. It's even very old yarn, as I've just found out. Made in West Germany :D It's wonderfully soft and glowing 100% cotton. The color reminds me of  a warm sunset, me somewhere on the beach wearing my new thing over a swimsuit... Well, I can fantasize just a little as I cast on, it's allowed...

This would be my swatch, same needles 8,5mm and a made a few rows in stockinette just to feel the yarn, since the recommended needle size for this yarn is 3-3,5mm. I have to say I was satisfied and continued fantasizing about that beach. After all, this color looks better with a tan :)

The gauge was the same, 9st to 10cm, but I've made the adjustments for the size, to fit chest 92cm. It went something like this: 92*9/20=41,4, then rounding up and adding 2st makes 44st for each upper part in mesh pattern.

I'm amazed how fast it flows! I'm not used to working with large needles, I have to be honest. More often I go for the size smaller then recommended, I prefer dense fabric. But this project makes me smile :)

As things usually work out just fine, as soon as I started my new top, Dana sent me her photos. I guess nothing mysterious was going on after all. Still, I believe I was right not to ask for this kind of a favor so often. It's a great way to make things awkward, isn't it?


  1. I just found your blow from your pattern on Ravelry!! Love this pattern!! Cannot wait to see more!

    1. Sorry for the typo...meant blog..

    2. Thank you, I'm very glad that you like it! I'm writing up some of my old patterns, so I hope I can share something new soon :)