Inspiration: Waiting for the Spring

Yes, I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for the spring... And in doing so remembering one of the last sunny days in September. A lovely day with my family :)

I've been wearing my own design all summer and here I already had to get another layer and admit to myself that it's time to leave it alone for a while...

I was a bit self-conscious, I can see it now when I look at the photos. I guess all new moms are. But I also think that the top drapes nicely and fits well even with that extra baby weight.

I was also surprised this January while I browsed a new Linea Pura magazine. There's a pattern that looks terribly similar to this one. Did I maybe inspire someone? Now, that would be nice!

It was certainly intended for this pattern to be modified to fit everyone's needs, with stockinette part as long as desired or not even there.

If there's someone else who'd like to give it a try, the top is a part of matching tunic and scarf set and here's the link to the free pattern!

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