Free Pattern: Bobble Filz

Not much different than any other crafter, there's a great thing I made, I really like and I just can't finish completely. That's the case with my little felted purse. It's sitting in my closet for a couple of years now, never finished with everything else getting in the way. Maybe after I publish this pattern, I finally get round to it.

When I went through a brief "felting period", I bought 2 balls of felting yarn for just 2 euros. I really liked it, but I just couldn't stand the fact that you need a lot more to make something useful. Bobbles and cables are my favorites when it comes to felting, so I did my best in using up all the materials and making something so much in my own style. And after felting in the washing machine, I loved the result. I even tried to sew the lining and the zipper right away, so I don't forget about it. Or so the thing that happened doesn't happen; when we leave things unfinished it gets harder to finish them as time goes by. Unfortunately, the material I had in dark blue (just the proper color I wanted for the lining) ended up too rough. And by the time I got some lighter, softer fabric, it was too late.

But here it is, the silent hero, just waiting to see the light of day!

Here you can find the free pattern! And good luck!

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