Inspiration: Knitting in Innsbruck

Just lately I decided to go back to my blog idea and change it completely. I really wanted to have "photo blog" and I wanted to keep it in German.

But, for the first thing, why not tell a story? I have more time now to occupy my brain with non-mathematics and (just maybe) non-baby stuff.

The reason for switching to English is a bit more complicated and - more like a story. To make it less boring to a knitter, it involves this hat and loop...

I really wanted to have posts in German with a strong hope that in time I'll be able to find a knitting buddy or, better yet, a knitting group. After all, it was in Innsbruck that I remembered how much I loved to knit and crochet, there must be someone nearby just like me...

In the middle of my fever, Autumn 2014, my parents decided to come and visit. A perfect opportunity to make something for my mom, she loves hats, hat it is! I decided for this one in Lana Grossa "Olympia", plus a matching loop.
I headed to the yarn store that was my favourite at the time; I needed the needles, too. After getting the yarn and the long circular needle, this nice lady selling it asked what I was going to make. When I mentioned a hat, she was assuring me that I can't do it without DPs. I started explaining, you know, "magic loop" and so on. I'm not sure who was more amazed after I left the store: seeing her, after hearing my story and not believing it, or me, realizing that she's the one working in a yarn shop.

The knitting part was a success, there was even enough yarn left to make a hat for me, but my hopes in finding a knitmate were sinking.

Last summer, I was all about knitting for the baby. Also in a pregnancy yoga class and from time to time, we had a round of saying a couple of things about ourselves. So I suggested doing some baby knits together or helping someone learn how to knit. After all, it can be very fun and you get to finish things in no time! But still no luck...

By the time Lulu came in November, I found out that it's not that people don't knit in Innsbruck, but most women my age take up sewing as a hobby. Funny thing is, they also have knitting in school. So, maybe it isn't so much fun when they make you do it!

In any case, it doesn't look like I'm going to find a local knitting enthusiast. I'm starting to knit globally!

P. S. Planning to share one of my own patterns soon :)

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